d551/1238456160-chadvangaalen.jpgThursday at Holocene is going to be one heck of a show: Calgary musician Chad VanGaalen is headlining a bill that also includes fellow Calgarians (that is a word, I hope?) Women. And VanGaalen assisted with Women's self-titled debut record, and a member of Women also performs in VanGaalen's band. And incidentally, the photo of VanGaalen above was taken by Marc Rimmer, who also performs in another Calgary band, Azeda Booth, whose ranks once included some members of Women, and....

Uh, where was I? Oh yeah. Anyway, Thursday is going to be a phenomenal show. I honestly don't think there is a better singer/songwriter—if that's what you can call him—working today than VanGaalen, who's also crazy talented as a visual artist and just a damn funny guy. And there's no band as creative as Women. But why am I preaching to the choir? You're dying to go to this show anyway! And here's your chance to win two free tickets!

Just leave a comment here as to why you should be the one to win the pair of free tickets. We'll choose either the most deserving, or the most entertaining, or we may just throw a dart at the computer monitor. Contest closes at 12 midnight tomorrow (Tuesday) and the winner will be chosen Wednesday morning.


Chad VanGaalen - "Willow Tree"

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