One of the hardest tasks of anyone—music critic or not—is to justify your favorite music. The act of explaining something that is so personal and dear to you oftentimes can be significantly more difficult than it should be. In my case, this explaining process usually involves some flailing of the arms and copious use of the word "rad," or (given my previous alcohol intake) "radical."

So, I will be very deliberate when I say this:
Three Mile Pilot is coming to the Doug Fir on July 22nd.
Three Mile Pilot is one of my favorite bands ever.

There, that wasn't so bad.

During their brief run, Three Mile Pilot created something entirely unique; a staggering artistic process that combined deconstructed post-punk songs with a very dedicated visual presentation (the propeller-shaped ten-inch record, the burlap packaging). They never sounded like any another band on the planet, and their live shows (video projections that ghosted their faces, bull horns, and the occasional appearances by Jim French and his odd selection of horns) still resonate with me today.

It's been over a decade since their breakup—the members formed two separate (yet not equal) bands in their downtime, Black Heart Procession and Pinback—and while there were always rumors of a new album (they are signed to Touch and Go), never has there been any definitive word. Perhaps this is the start of a full-scale reunion, or perhaps it's just a West Coast tour. Regardless, this is damn exciting news.

Never heard Three Mile Pilot? Here is your chance.
"Circumcised" is a jittery early song, capturing the band at their peak. Meanwhile, "Longest Day" might be the first openly vulnerable song in their catalog, and it's certainly the closest they would ever come to writing a love song. It also offers the first glimpse of what was to come, a few years later, with the Black Heart Procession. Enjoy.


Three Mile Pilot - ""Circumcised"

Three Mile Pilot - ""Longest Day"

Photo: tokyostatic