I'm sick in bed today and fighting off fever-dreams. In my TV-less apartment, this means listening to Fresh Air on the radio and watching Charles in Charge on Hulu—yes, I represent a mercifully dying minority: the severely under-entertained (this isn't my choice, by the way).

While the charms of Scott Baio are too numerous to squeeze into a blog post, today's Fresh Air set my mind reeling in one direction—"Green Onions".

You see, Booker T. (of the MGs) was Terry Gross's guest today. He spoke in calm, soothing tones about being badass while Gross let spill the fan-girl that often sounds-off whenever Fresh Air features an old school soul musician (anyone else notice this?).

Anyway, during one of the ill-timed station IDs, I began to try to recall as many examples as possible of films and commercials using Booker T. & The MGs immortal 1962 hit "Green Onions." I then hopped over to YouTube and found these:

Classic: American Graffiti

Swanky: Italian suits.

Sandy effing Koufax: Ken Burns' Baseball

As I said: under-entertained.