...What could be better?

Sadly, it is an experience I am often DENIED. I haven't owned a car since my 1984 Mercury Topaz (pictured below) died in my high school's parking lot, so these days it's public transit and bikes. I've come to realize that the lack of automobile in my life makes the rare occasions in which I find myself behind the wheel far more thrilling than driving a car probably is for people who do it everyday.


RIP, baby.

LIKE RIGHT NOW. My roommate left me with her Subaru for the weekend, so I just made myself a mix CD and bumped it on my way to La Bonita for my lunch break. My instincts told me to title it "Maranda So Crazy in Love"—I'm not sure why. But I did it. And the CD was so cruise-worthy, I want to share some of the tracks.

The Ramones, "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" (I play this on jukeboxes every chance I get. Sounds real good floating out of the windows.)

King Khan and the Shrines, "69 Faces of Love" (This is on the just released What Is?!, and is heaven on earth. Can't wait for the show at Dante's later this month.)


Quasi, "In the First Place" (Sam Coomes' despairing enunciation makes this song a delight to sing along to: "IIIIII used to think love was rreeeal, but its JUST the way you fe-eeeeeel....")

Guided by Voices, "Motor Away" (Wooooooo! Woooooo!)

The Whore Moans, "Disappear" (More wooooooo!)

And it only gets better from there. I'm telling you, this mix is good. To paraphrase the infamous Nelly: if you wanna go and take a ride with me... well, you know what to do. To the Subaru!*

*this weekend only