Last Friday, I reviewed the recent Scott Walker doc 30 Century Man (screening Saturday at the Hollywood Theatre) for the upcoming print edition. This ensured a craving for the voice-that-broke-David Bowie's-heart which lasted through the weekend.

While Scotts 2-through-4 are the only Walker releases I know intimately, 30 Century Man gave me a taste for the albums that have slipped through the cracks (there are many).

One of those is 1984's Climate of Hunter, which is a transitional album set during a transition lasting almost 20 years (from 1978's Nite Flights—The Walker Brothers' last LP—to 1995's Tilt). The doc excerpts an uncomfortable interview from immortal Brit show The Tube promoting Climate. Below is the full YouTube clip, including the rather embarassing video for lead-single "Track Three":