Local supergroup Faux Hoax have finally scheduled their first "proper" release. Entitled Your Friends Will Carry You Home, it will be due out next week in digital and vinyl formats, courtesy of that staple of fine Midwest indie rock, Polyvinyl Records. Featuring noted car enthusiast Dave Allen, Tracker's John Askew, and the tallest man in Portland (not already on the Portland Trail Blazers), Danny Seim of Menomena. There are also cameos from Joe Haege of 31Knots and the man whose seat I currently keep warm, former Merc music editor, Adam Gnade.

Up until this point Faux Hoax has been more studio project than band, but perhaps this release will see some live performances, and maybe even some touring. Who knows?

Take it away, press release:

Not much is known about Faux Hoax. Are they a band? Is it a studio project? And adding to the mystery, will these be the only songs the group ever records?

Faux Hoax (pronounced "Folks") consists of Danny Seim (Menomena), Dave Allen (Gang of Four), John Askew (Tracker), and features Joe Haege of 31Knots and Adam Gnade of Asthmatic Kitty. The debut 7" titled Your Friends Will Carry You Home relies heavily on exactly that - friends. The goal, according to Seim, is to focus on a new project that involves all sorts of collaborators contributing to songs written by core Faux Hoax members. Intended to be experimental and unique, Faux Hoax will surely leave listeners surprised.

I was surprised as well when I learned that the band penned a song in Jeff Foxworthy's honor. Yet here it is...


Faux Hoax - "Foxworthy"