This song is fucking incredible. I can't stop playing it—but first, a bit of background:

Rocket Boy is Kirkland Leach. He's nine years old. He lives and North Portland. The band he calls Road Race. I don't want to go into it too much here, but Kirk is afflicted with a few developmental disabilities that've been pretty nasty. Kirk plays the shit out of some keyboards, along with Shane de Leon, who runs North Pole Records, while adding drums and helping with recording. De Leon also works with Kirk's development.

Obviously there's a whole lot more to this story, and I'll pass it along to you soon, via links to the story and video I'm doing for the Portland Sentinel. I just had to share this song, which is on Kirk's newest album, to be released on North Pole next month.

Listen to this thing. On one hand it's cute, but great sadness, fear, and beauty are all tucked beneath the surface. Some of the lines are chilling:

Road Race's "We Both Decide Tribute:"

I promise more on Rocket Boy/Road Race in the coming months.