Last week I was looking miserably over the lineup for Gonerfest 2009—the weekend of music put on by Adam Yarber's Goner Records out of Memphis—contemplating throwing caution to the wind and somehow making my way to Tennessee in order to experience reunions of New Zealand's the Clean and Memphis' Compulsive Gamblers.

Turns out I won't have to go so far at all, to see the Clean at least—Eat Skull's MySpace tipped me off that they are coming to Portland in September! This is mind-blowingly good news, as David Kilgour and Co. are the living legends responsible for the Kiwi rock sound of the '80s, as brought to the world by seminal Flying Nun Records and resonant in the development of everybody's favorite bands since.

Here's a cheeky video for one of their most beloved tracks, "Beatnik," although my personal favorites like "Do Your Thing" and "Trapped in Amber" trade the hyper keyboards for light strums, bells, shakes, and hums that form the most perfect, simple songs.

If you don't know the Clean yet, you should pick up their compilation recently re-released on vinyl. You have plenty of time to get to know and love these songs by the time they arrive on our shores, and trust me, know and love them you will.