Few upcoming albums have me as excited as The Satanic Satanist from the Portland/Alaska outfit Portugal. The Man. The little snippets I've heard so far seem to indicate a slight pop music shift for this experimental band not exactly know for their commitment to any one genre or collective sound. This might be the work of producer Paul Q. Kolderie, who has twisted knobs for the likes of some pretty respectable acts that are universally adored (The Pixies, Firehose, Morphine), and a few that only I seem to like (Buffalo Tom, Gigolo Aunts).

Lead single "People Say" exhibits their newfound pop sheen, and if the song sounds familiar, it was the same one they performed live on The Daily Habit. The Satanic Satanist will corrupt tomorrow's youth when it's released on July 21st.


Portugal. The Man - "People Say"