Ah, 1999.
While we were busy squirreling away money in anticipation of Y2K, losing our illegal downloading virginity to Shawn Fanning, and mourning the Memorial Day Miracle, two of rock's finest acts produced their best recordings: The Flaming Lips' The Soft Bulletin and Built to Spill's Keep It Like a Secret.

Now a decade later, the two bands are performing together on Thursday, August 20th at Edgefield. Granted, both bands acts have fallen from grace a bit as of late—The Lips' spastic children's birthday party act has grown stale, while Built to Spill's wanky guitarsturbation solos have reached the point of unbearable (unless you are really high)—I'll always have a soft spot for both acts. Tickets ($46) go on sale this Saturday at 10am.
See you in the giant hamster ball.

(Feel free to comment below if you think There's Nothing Wrong with Love or Transmissions from the Satellite Heart were better albums than their 1999 counterparts.)