I didn't think it was possible, but the second day of PDX Pop Now! was even more fun than the first. Late night attendance was big, although probably not as big as Friday's, but for most of the afternoon Rotture was comfortable, not too hot and crowded. Church played a remarkable set that featured a horn section augmenting their darkly dynamic, ponderous rock; meanwhile, Nice Nice played a rare killer set that only emphasized how much more often they need to play. Laura Gibson commanded a hushed crowd with ease, while Deelay Ceelay after some technical hiccups played a zoney, trancey tunes with two drumkits and some wild video projection.

We've been using Twitter to broadcast impressions about the event, and I could rehash those "tweets" for you into a semi-coherent overview—they're actually functioning as a kind of public notepad—but I think it's more in keeping with the momentary, flashing thrill of PDX Pop Now! and its clusterfucky tendencies to let the "tweets" stand on their own. Check 'em out here.

Oh, and hey, I am a lousy photographer so I am not going to inflict any pictures on you, but if you've got a link to pics you took at the fest, please post them in the comments! Also, take a gander at the PDX Pop Now! Flickr group.

Day Three begins at noon. Are you ready?

(I think I need some pancakes before I can answer that question.)