Kevin Robinson of Viva Voce got hot last week. Very hot. It was 107 degrees in Viva Voce's home studio. So to beat the heat, he put together a mixtape for us!

From the VV blog:

You may/may not dig all these songs, it’s just what I’ve been into lately. Some artists you may have heard of, some hopefully not. And if you are one of those artists and want to sue me for putting your songs on a mixtape….go for it! My tunes are all over the torrent/blog download purgatory, so you're preaching to the choir.

Most of these songs are by artists that are long gone/out of print/never saw the light of day, so hopefully I’m just proliferating some good tunes. It’s worth downloading for The Moles track alone.

In addition to having excellent taste in obscure music, Kevin plays the role of DJ to the hilt, complete with radio spots in between songs. It features choice psychedelic tunes by the likes of the Beau Brummels, Sperrmull, early T. Rex, and more. Download it here.