High Scores and Records is releasing two awesome digi-LPs today—Brainstorm and Total Bros. Brainstorm features vocals by Becky Dawson of Au and Ah Holly Fam'ly. The records weigh in at three bucks a pop and can be purchased straight from High Score's website.

In case your not familiar with the fledgling Boy Gorilla offspring, here's the lowdown on local label High Scores and Records:

boy gorilla records has been a breeding ground for some of portland's most exciting
music and art for over three years. in the spring of 09 boy gorilla's fertile soil sprouted
HIGH SCORES AND RECORDS, pressers of vinyl, dealers of digital media. the label is
a labor of love for all of the amazing musicians and artists living in portland, oregon,
as well as folks doing big things all over the globe.

Two LPs for three bucks each? Yeah, lets see iTunes compete with that.


Total Bros - "Epic Fail"

Brainstorm - "Lonely Ghost"