I recently interviewed Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock for an upcoming issue of the print edition. We covered everything from the band's rise, what he misses about the early days, the two local groups he's working with, impressions of the Portland scene, and even the mellowing of his own destructive habits. So yes, keep an eye out.

In the meantime, for those considering scooping up tickets to one of MM's upcoming four (!) Crystal Ballroom shows, this detailed review of Modest Mouse Sunday at Bumbershoot from the Stranger's Eric Grandy should help you decide—especially if you, like Grandy (and myself as well), haven't seen the band in a few years.

I had high hopes for Modest Mouse's set going into Bumbershoot this year, and I had pretty much resigned myself to being at least a little disappointed (and, gasp, maybe even leaving to go see some of Metric), but while it wasn't everything I wanted to hear from the band—that set would be hours long—it was just a fine selection and a fucking fantastic set. I just wish the rain had started coming down in torrents—that would've been perfectly terrible.

Grandy calls it the best set of Bumbershoot. Read the whole thing at Line Out.