Alela and Alina is the dream pairing of singers Alela Diane and Alina Hardin, and the duo will be releasing an EP on October 6th entitled Alela & Alina. So much for giving that EP a snappy title. The release will come via a 10-inch EP or digital download—sorry, no CDs—and you can pre-order right here.

While Diane is the bigger name of the two—judging by that album cover, Hardin is clearly taller—their two voices intertwine nicely on the six song EP. Following the release of last year's To Be Still, Diane has been on countless tours and is even hitting the big time with an appearance on Later With Jools Holland next Tuesday. She'll be playing on the same stage as Muse, Lyle Lovett, and "Beth Ditto's Gossip." Oh, so it's a solo project now?

Anyway, back to Diane. She'll be performing at the Doug Fir on October 22nd, and here is a stream of something from Alela & Alina.


Alela and Alina - "Bowling Green"