I apologize for the late eulogy, but I just discovered that Trevor Rhone passed away from a sudden heart attack last week. To most people outside of Jamaica, Rhone was never a household name, but he had quite the legacy in his homeland as an iconic playwright and the co-author (along with director Perry Henzell) of one of my favorite films ever, The Harder They Come.

Over a decade before Tony Montana personified hiphop gangster culture in the overrated Scarface, Jimmy Cliff portrayed Ivanhoe Martin, a directionless Kingston musician immersed in poverty and forced into a violent life of crime. The above clip is where Martin delivers his legendary "Don't. Fuck. With. Me." line while slashing away with a blood-soaked blade. It might not be the most dignified piece of dialogue, but it masterfully captures the hopelessness and anger of the title character, and quickly becomes the most haunting scene in this excellent film.