The Castanets played a house party I was at in SE Portland this weekend. It's the third time I've seen the band play this summer; the first was in a fire pit dug out of ground in the forest northwest of town; the second at a club with a bunch of people wearing ugly clothes, looking serious. All three sets have been short, but good.

Last week, Pitchfork got it wrong. In their review of Texas Rose, The Thaw and The Beasts the reviewer goes on for just about 400 positive words before tacking on his bailout. Throughout the review he maintains that the record is great, then ends by saying it "doesn't much travel with the listener beyond its runtime." It read like he either had short-term memory loss or a spine problem.

Listen to "Dance, Dance" and if you can get that final line out of your head in under 24 hours maybe you're not listening hard enough. Stream the entire record for free on Asthmatic Kitty's website.


The Castanets - "Dance Dance"