• Boo Frog cartoon by Chris Newman
At the place where garage rock meets catching flies with your tongue, there lies Boo Frog. The three-piece is celebrating the release of its self-titled debut, but these are no newcomers to the music scene. Boo Frog is co-fronted by Chris Newman of the legendary Napalm Beach, and Erika Meyer, who's done time with Serpentone. The third member is drummer Paul Vega (of bands like Wadsworth and Lost Acolytes), and if you imagine the garage punk of Pierced Arrows steeped in muddy swamp water for a year or two, and you get something like Boo Frog.


Boo Frog - "In the Beginnin'"

The group first got together earlier this year as a one-off at a memorial tribute show for Lux Interior, but decided to make a go of it. Newman and Meyer take turns writing and singing, and the Boo Frog album was recorded and mixed earlier this year in a mere three eight-hour days (a total of 24 studio hours). The album release show takes place tomorrow, Saturday, October 3 at Dunes (1909 NE MLK), 9 pm.