I'm pretty sure this is all Jann Wenner's fault.

At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts last week in NY all kinds of bands mixed. And while most of the pairings were insipid and predictable, at least they made sense for the sentimental and star-struck (ie: U2 and The Boss, Sting and Stevie Wonder, U2 and Mick Jagger).

But Metallica with Lou Reed and later Ray Davies?

Sorry Ned—you think that's bad? Try "You Really Got me" and "All Day and all of the Night" with Lars' clunky power drumming and Kirk Hammet's meaningless needle riffing. It's a slap to Davies if you ask me, relegated to two songs with a band of former metal heads and current teetotaling grampas who have neither the talent nor the inclination to be adaptable.

Reed's songs don't fair much better (but we're used to Reed shitting on things, right?). And just because the trio of artists were semi-outsiders—when compared to U2 or Stevie—doesn't bless the pairing. Rather than the Hall of Fame proving it's vitality, it demonstrated again a pointless senility—no better or authentic than a wax museum. Except wax sculptures would've been easier on the ears.