I am clearly the only girl that posts on this blog.

For those of you headed to the Dirty Projectors/Little Wings show tonight at the Aladdin, beware: You might become part of the opening act! This is speculation based on what I've read, and heard from friends who know Kyle Field of Little Wings, but he may or may not be inviting folks from the audience up on stage with him this evening.

As a rather rampant artiste, Field views his music as "an ever-changing art project," thus prompting him to borrow other bands' equipment and use whoever might be around to enhance (or butcher) his sound. Perhaps he is right? Perhaps everything anyone could ever need is always right in front of us? These are not a terrible concepts in theory; I'm just not sure how it all works when it's put into practice.

Regardless, I've spent all afternoon practicing the harmony for this song, just in case.


Little Wings- "What Wonder"

You'd be safe to bring a tambourine.