Remember back when Wayne Coyne and crew filmed a little video in Portland? And people got naked? And park rangers were none too thrilled with the idea? And nobody knew what the hell the video would look like when it was done?

Well, the gestation period is over, and The Flaming Lips' "Watching the Planets" is here. The video, which debuted today on NME, includes... well, naked bicyclists and a large furry ball giving birth and... I still don't know what it's about. Before the shoot, Coyne explained the loose concept to BikePortland, hinting: “Maybe I’ll even get naked for the video, too. I don’t even know how it ends—maybe it ends with them all getting clothed and making me get naked and shoving me back into the giant fur egg."

Sounds about right. Watch it here. Needless to say it's NSFW.