A while back Terraform were a new three piece band that could wow you with their first and maybe even second song but from there out dribble down to a spaz-punk one trick pony offering identical sounding songs with modulated guitars and David Byrne-esque yelps.

Perhaps it's the new stop/start/stop/start again rhythm section - Jeff Brodski and Mark Makowski - that mad scientist/frontman Ryan Jorgensen lured in or the addition of their alto saxophonist -Katarina Lestenburge- who evens out the synth-y screetches of Dr. Joergensen's Devo-eque guitar playing, but this band sounded more coherent, diverse and confident than ever Friday night at Duckett's Public Haus. With their fierce punch Germs/Mae Shi/Arab On Radar punk energy, they're now a band that is living up to their promise and wowing their audiences the entire duration of their set and even having them plead for an encore rather than scaring them off outside to smoke or pee behind a dumpster.

  • Asia Lupa

Terraform play their We Transmit tape release show at Valentine's December 7th before embarking on a West Coast tour on December 31st.