What do you mean, we look completely bored and utterly disillusioned? We just hate posing near coniferous trees.
  • "What do you mean, we look 'completely bored and utterly disillusioned?' We just hate posing near coniferous trees."

Generally, I think Califone is boring. 2006's Roots and Crowns is mostly one long, purposefully strange song and anything that deviates from that mold sounds like a darker, less epic version of U2 (which I guess is also pretty weird). Their new release, All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, is much of the same, punctuated with even more detuned interludes and stark moments of reflection. However! Califone always manages to produce one or two gems per record (see: "Michigan Girls" and "Burned by Christians"), and these songs will forcequit your brain into quiet and joyful meditation. The (almost) title track for their latest falls into this category.

The video for "Funeral Singers" is kind of strange and certainly beautiful, thus feeling like a sunny winter day in Portland. Speaking of which, Califone will be at the Mission Theater on December 5th, in support of All My Friends Are Funeral Singers. Unfortunately, that day happens to be my grandma's 70th birthday, so I will not be able to attend. (Plus, my near 70-year old grandmother might be more youthful and exciting than these dudes. But maybe that's why she'll never make it as an experimental Indie rocker? I wont be breaking that news to her on her birthday.)