Seattle-based label Hardly Art is a spinoff of Sub Pop, and they've amassed an impressive track record, including records by Le Loup, Talbot Tagora, and the spendid Dutchess and the Duke, who warmed the Doug Fir basement Sunday night with cozy, red wine-influenced jams. And now Hardly Art has put out a TOTALLY FREE 15-track sampler of some of their artists' best work. A promotional label sampler usually isn't anything to get excited about, but in this case it's that rare label sampler that's both cohesive and good, with just about every track being a standout. There's a few unreleased tracks, too, including a Dutchess and the Duke demo, an acoustic track from the Pica Beats, and this live track from Arthur and Yu from a live show in Seattle, in which their labelmates the Moondoggies (also on the sampler) served as their backing band.


Arthur & Yu with the Moondoggies - "Magic Mtn" (live at the Triple Door)

Get the 15 free songs from Amazon here, or you can go here and get it too.