• Katie Rasmussen

Rumor has it that the beloved Bark Hide and Horn gentleman are calling it a day after their December 11th show at Backspace. Last we heard they were still working on a follow-up recording to last year's National Road, but their live shows have been rare as of late. Let's hope this is not true.

We dropped a line to the band and will post an update when we hear back.

Update: Here is a post from the band's MySpace page.

We have a great show coming up this Friday at Backspace, and sadly, it might be your last chance to see Bark Hide and Horn play live, at least in our current incarnation. Our amazing drummer Dusty is taking some time away from the band after this show to pursue other things... Peter and I are unsure if we'll keep the band going, start a new project, or what. Regardless, this will be a good chance to hear us as we have been. Plus, spectacular multi-instrumentalist Brian will play with us on a bunch of songs, so expect some greatest hits! The Ascetic Junkies are headlining, and it's their EP release show.