The nascent Portland Folk Festival has announced the dates of its very first festival: August 20-22, 2010. Any other details are forthcoming at this point, but their mission statement is clear:
The Portland Folk Festival will offer a rich and diverse sampling of music, culture, art, craft, food and thought during its inaugural weekend, August 20-22, 2010 in the gorgeous city of Portland, Oregon.
The festival aims to connect artists and encourage exploration and collaboration by curating with a mind toward upholding as well as redefining our ideas of the nature of folk music. Each year the Portland Folk Festival will contribute to several local non-profit organizations dedicated to arts education, sustainability and food safety, and furthering Portland as an international hub of community-minded innovation.
We'll bring you more details as we get them, but for now, the Portland Folk Festival has announced its first benefit show, featuring Dan Bern and the Robinsons, which will take place February 5 at the Woods (6637 SE Milwaukie). We all know the Robinsons from Viva Voce and Blue Giant, but Dan Bern is an often overlooked journeyman folkie, perhaps the only person other than Dylan who could be considered heir to Woody Guthrie (that includes you, Arlo). Bern has been spending his time in Hollywood in recent years, but he has an immense, rich catalog of great songs—many of them sports themed—and he'll be an excellent person to inaugurate the Portland Folk Festival.

I wonder if he's still playing this song?

Dan Bern - "Tiger Woods"