This past summer, local darling Heather Woods Broderick rode her bike around town and recorded her musically inclined friends on a four-track. Yes, that is absurdly romantic and totally Portland; it's also really good. Including folks like Rauelsson, Kele Goodwin, Galveston and Heather herself, the Portland Stories compilation is a nice display of the simple, honest folk music you'll hear brewing inside houses if you listen closely when you walk around town. (I mostly just hear the 10-year-old piano virtuoso that lives next door, composing his 11th symphony in the 5th movement and making me feel insanely mediocre on a daily basis.)


Kele Goodwin - "Kite Strings" (from Portland Stories)

Order one (or two or six, depending on how many pounds you are willing to spend) at Sonic Pieces. You can also listen to more of the record there, too. Only 369 copies pressed!

1. Kele Goodwin- Kite Strings
2. Sarah Winchester- Northeast Kingdom
3. Michael Elias- Halfway There
4. Nicholas A. Marshall- Into The Night
5. Maymay- The Fall
6. Rauelsson- Liebre
7. Town Rill- My Park Bench
8. Galveston- Never Ask Why
9. Heather Woods Broderick- Behind Doors