Another week, another Mercury music section to avoid while you watch these terrible videos for good songs. I disagree with them on their "Prance, prance, prance!" category. The more prancing, the better the video.

Speaking of prancing, I will be doing just that when Portugal. The Man takes the stage for two nights of shows at the Doug Fir this weekend. Frontman John Gourley discusses everything from their disastrous European tour, a missing fan, and their uncompromising style.

Portugal. The Man - "People Say"

Let's all applaud the success of the Rural Alberta Advantage's wondrous pop sound. Guess that means it's time for me to break up my band, Urban Saskatchewan Disadvantage. It's a shame, we had so many good songs about Moose Jaw.

Rural Alberta Advantage - "Don't Haunt This Place"

The vast instrumentation and angelic voice of Brittain Ashford make for one potent combination.

Brittain Ashford - "What We Want"

Our Town Could be Your Life is dedicated entirely to the best records of 2009... that never came out. It's a pretty fantastic list of releases that never quite made their way onto store shelves this year.

The Mint Chicks - "Hot On Your Heels" (from Screens, which for some stupid reason was not released this year. Thanks for nothing, Warner Bros.)