Ape! Cave!
  • Ape! Cave!

Rumor has it that the excellent indie act Church has pulled a Starfucker—or a Pyramidddddd—and are now called Ape Cave. Their first show under this new moniker will be January 9th at Slabtown. We dropped a line into the band's cave and will let you know their response.

*** 12/20 Update ***
It's The Church's fault!
According to Cristof Hendrickson of the-band-formerly-known-as-Church, Australia's The Church contacted them and requested they "stop playing under our name." He adds, "They were friendly about it, but made it clear that continuing on with Church was no longer an option." Hendrickson also sheds some light on their new name: "Ape Cave is a cave in Washington near Mt Rainer, and it was discovered by the boy scout troop the Apes many years ago." So there you go.