Chris Funk is a busy man. He's a Decemberist. He's the Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble. He's throwing 'em back with Two Beer Veirs. He is behind the kiddie show, You Who. He'll even give a guitar lesson for charity, plus I heard they named a genre of music after his last name. But since all these things are clearly not enough, Funk—along with fellow Decemberists Jenny Conlee and Nate Query—is also in Black Prairie.

Freshly signed to Sugar Hill Records, Black Prairie's currently-unnamed debut was recorded by Tucker Martine at Jackpot Studios and will be out early next year (with an April local release show in the works as well). The band, which also features Annalisa Tornfelt and John Neufeld, is described as "eclectic bluegrass-but-not-really," whatever that means. Why don't you have a listen to the song below and decide for yourself?


Black Prairie - "Backalley"