Since no one wants to spend another New Year's Eve at home, contemplating kissing their sister at midnight, we decided to talk to a series of local bands about their final performance of 2009. We'll have more of these posts all week long.

The Band: Jaguar Love
The Show: Rotture's New Year's Eve Party with Japanther, Jaguar Love, Fist Fite, Serious Business, and Rude Dudes.
The Reason You Need to Be There: Two floors of entertainment (DJs at Branx), plus a chance to party in the lawless SE industrial zone. What happens down there is just between you and the train hobos.

MERCURY: First off, will you be playing "Auld Lang Syne" during your New Year's Eve performance?
JOHNNY WHITNEY: We will only be playing "Auld Lang Syne." 12 times in a row, for 45 minuets, no originals, only "Auld Lang Syne."

Any special plans for the show? Covers? Streamers? Those tiny popper things shaped like miniature champagne bottles?
I did for a moment think it would be funny to [Prince's] "1999" and change the words to "party like its 2009," but then it reminded me way, way too much of something Michel Scott would do at the Dundies, so I changed my mind. Instead at midnight Cody [Votolato] and I will meld minds and enter 2010 as a singular super-human.

What are the odds that—come midnight—someone in your band will be available for kissing?
I would say the odds of myself being available for some tongue-twisting at midnight are about the same as the odds of finding a Triceratops egg on the floor of Rotture while we are playing. Cody is a free agent so the door is wide open for him in the midnight smooch department.

What is your worst New Year's Eve memory?
My worst memory is definitely New Year's Eve 1999 for its utter lack of apocalyptic activity.