The Weinland gents will be ushering in 2010 with a pretty ambitious party at the Mission Theater on New Year's Eve. The mild-mannered band will transform into a "super group" that shall feature: Adam Selzer (Norfolk and Western, M. Ward), Cory Gray (Car Crash Lander), Chris Robley (The Fear of Heights, The Sort Ofs), Tahoe Jackson (The one and only), Brian Perez (Musee Mechanique, Baby Ketten), the Members of Flauta (an honest to goodness Flute Ensemble), plus some surprise guests as well. Is the stage big enough for that many musicians? Well, it doesn't matter, since you'll be too distracted by their top notch covers (Queen, Elvis Costello, and for some reason, Survivor) and the comedic stylings of frontman Adam Sherer. The band promises only the best dance music of the past 40 years, since as we all know, no one danced before 1969.

If any of this sounds like a ideal way to spend the New Year's, then you'll want this pair of tickets we are giving away for free. Just email us by Wednesday at noon and we'll randomly select a winner. Good luck.