There's been a lot of panicking over natural disasters and upheavals in the last couple of weeks. If you're feeling confused and scared, this press release should offer you some answers you're looking for:

Rising up out of the fertile soil of Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley, the group of Intergalactic Reggae Revolutionaries known as Indubious come straight from the heavens above to spread the word of love and light through their earthshaking sound. Leaving audiences stunned, and downright amazed, this genre-bending reggae power trio comes pumping a positive message, and wielding impressive instrumental skill. Their infectious reggae driven sound has exploded both national and international markets, igniting a revolution, and leaving in the wake a mob of loyal fans, affectionately called Indubians.


Don't be scared, fellow Indubians! That sound you hear is just the international markets exploding. The release goes on without hyperbole:

The band is comprised of bass virtuoso and lyrical acrobat, Spencer "Skip Wicked" Burton, the exceptional keys, sonngwriting, and lyrical ability of his brother evan "Evton B" Burton, and the newest addition, the drum phenom, Matthew "One Sock" Wells. They blend together a mix of authentic dancehall and new roots reggae tracks, visionary lyrical messages, and insane electro funk fusion jams to create a sound destined to change the face of music.

"Cosmic Seed," The highly anticipated followup album, is an undeniable powerhouse of a record... Cosmic Seed has a little bit for everyone in all age groups and for all musical tastes. Upliftment is eminent.

Oh man, I think I just came pure THC.

So which is your favorite Indubioid? Skip Wicked? One Sock? The correct answer is, of course, "all of them."

'... a combination of roots reggae, powerful lyrical ability, angelic Crosby, Stills and Nash style harmonies with the clarity and intention reminiscent of The Beatles, backed by a bass player commonly referred to as the next Les Claypool, a virtuosic keyboard phenom, and a drummer with an ear for perfection.' - Cafe Press, Eugene OR

Rogue Valley is the new Kingston, dudes. Upliftment is eminent.