End Hits writer Kurt Prutsman was at the Yummy Fur show last Wednesday; here are some of his thoughts on the show a few days later.

Speaking to Yummy Fur bassist Paul Kearney after their set at Mississippi Studios Wednesday night he revealed that the Furs reunion tour was pretty much an accident. Kearney—who was not an original member yet the owner of Guided Missile Records who released a fair amount of the Furs material—initially proposed the idea to the band to play a one-off, five- or six-song set in London to celebrate the anniversary of the 1996 album Night Club. He offered to fill in on bass duties to which the rest of the members unexpectedly agreed to. The reunion snowballed from there.

Upon hearing about their London appearance, venues from other cities like Brooklyn and Los Angeles requested the band to make a stop in their city as well. This eventually led to a seven-city string of shows with an hour-plus worth of material. Kearney was surprised as anyone about these reunion shows.

On a side note, when Kearney apologized for "last night's behavior" mid-set it wasn't as misbehaved as it may seemed. In case you're curious, he merely got drunk while singing karaoke downtown with members of the Gossip. He supposedly mangled some Frank Sinatra songs and was embarrassed but hey, he wouldn't be the first.

As a band especially beloved by musicians it shouldn't be any surprise that several notable Portland musicians were in attendance. Besides Pie Ghost the Gossip (who were cheerleading from the side) and ASSS, Adam Miller from the Chromatics (front and center singing along to nearly every single song), all the members of Reverse Dotty, Jabob Carey of Caves and Beren Ekine-Huett, the drummer from this, that and this band (and more) were spotted as well.