Every so often a show comes down the pike that all our freelancers want to cover. Being the sensible and fair editor that I am, I usually pick the winning author by conducting a 12-round battle royale, where eight writers enter the steel cage, but only one shall leave. It's really quite the sight, that is, if you enjoy girlish slapping and high-pitched squealing.

One such show is the upcoming date (February 28th) at the the Doug Fir from Sweden's Taken by Trees. The solo vessel for onetime Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman, Taken by Trees are responsible for one helluva release, last year's East of Eden, and will be backed by a live band that features Portlander Casey Dienel (that's White Hinterland to you and me) as well. That's a band worth fighting over.


Taken by Trees - "Anna"