Live @ Burgerville

It's a little late, but The Mean Jeans are playing free tonight @ Dante's.

It seems like all I ever write about on this blog anymore is the Jeans. But there are reasons: first, all the writing I do is mirrored by how much I listen to their fabulous debut record, Are You Serious?. Second, as the Jeans are Portland's Best Party Band, their shows keep getting shut down, which leaves me blue-balled.

I went to see them a few weeks ago at Angelo's, which they played without a bass player. But the little bar was not used to shows and couldn't handle the beer can throwing pit that formed near the gambling machines. (I missed them at the Slabtown Bender.) The next attempt was last Friday at the Powell Bowling Alley, which I rightfully predicted would end before it's natural conclusion—the lanes are a sacred place to some people, and like church, they get concerned when people fuck with it.

So yes, I need a full, un-interrupted set from Portland's Best Party Band, and tonight should finally be the night.