Before they faded into the dreaded "indefinite hiatus" abyss, it always seemed like the Joggers were destined for great things. Like a more updated version of this story, the Joggers are responsible for a pair of stellar recordings—their ambitious debut Solid Guild, and its more complex follow-up, With a Cape and a Cane—and a tireless touring regiment, but success was fleeting. As their momentum gradually slowed, the band hung it up in summer of 2008 with a raucous show at East End and a fitting opening slot for Polvo at MFNW.

Now the band is back. Well, sort of. They are definitely back tonight. After that, who knows?
Nine years after sharing the Tonic Lounge stage (back when the band was known as Stateside) with Pan Tourismos, the two bands are finally coming together on a long-rumored split seven-inch. [Conflict of interest alert: I was once roommates with a member of Pan Tourismos.] The release party is scheduled for tonight at the Kenton Club (2025 N Kilpatrick), and will feature both bands, plus Pt Juncture WA sandwiched in the middle. It's totally free, but bring some cash in hand for the seven-inch.

Since we don't have an embeddable copy of "Talking At Keith," their song from the split, here is my favorite Joggers track. Enjoy.


The Joggers - "Golden Wage"