Huh, never thought I'd be writing about a local PiL show. Then again, I never thought John Lydon would try to sell me butter. Anyway, after 17 years, PiL returns to the states and will be at the Crystal Ballroom on Wednesday April 21.

Take it away, hyperbolic press release:

Cited as one of the most innovative and influential bands in music history, PiL return to a country where they enjoyed a special relationship throughout their career for what are set to be stunning shows. The North American dates will be followed by a series of high-profile summer European Festival appearances.

John Lydon (vocals), Lu Edmonds (guitar), Bruce Smith (drums) and Scott Firth (bass) earned critical and public acclaim for their concerts in December 2009, with many British media outlets championing them as the shows of the year.

John Lydon: “I sound like a bag of kittens thrown down the staircase.”

2010 sees the 30th anniversary of the band’s first U.S. tour and also their U.S TV debut on “American Bandstand,” where singer John Lydon invited the audience onstage to dance with the band! Host Dick Clark famously introduced their appearance as "a memorable moment in rock n roll, something special and interesting.”

Wow, how uninspired is that Dick Clark quote? Memorable and interesting?