This is a watermarked copy of the new Broken Bells CD, a recording that ironically leaked months ago. The point of these customized promos is that, well, I'll let the lawyers take it from here: "Recipient of this disc will be held responsible for any unauthorized use." That means if I spread the pleasant sounds of James Mercer (from the Shins) and Danger Mouse all over the internet in downloadable form, Mercer will track me down and invert my world, so to speak.

Fair enough, only problem is, I'm not Jim Tremayne from the DJ Times. That means someone (Jim?) has my copy of this CD. Does that make me responsible for the fate of those digital files? Or can I hold the DJ Times' copy of the CD hostage? Pay up dudes, or I'll frame you for leaking the album.


Broken Bells - "The Ghost Inside" (from the leaked version I got in early January)