Here's a weird one: did you know that Josh Brolin, star of "No Country For Old Men," "W." and many more, was once in the somewhat legendary shredding punk band RKL? I didn't know either, until he shared the tidbit in an interview with the NY Times Magazine:

You once had a mohawk. What was that like?

I did. A peacock — which is a very high mohawk. And I bleached the top of it, which burned my head. I was in a fairly well-known punk band called R.K.L. [Rich Kids on LSD]. That’s when I had a white mohawk. Back in the ’80s, we weren’t so ecologically worried, and I just used a lot of hair spray. It would stay all day.

Apparently Brolin played drums in the band's early days. I'm guessing this was after his career-making role as Brand in "The Goonies."