In case you were unaware, the Dill Pickle Club hosts a monthly series entitled Northwest Passage at the Waypost, where your flat fee of $12 gets you a fancy (vegan) meal, plus an intriguing discussing about Portland music.

Well, no one knows about local music like Fred and Toody Cole—Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, the Rats, & countless others—and the pair is taking part in this intimate lecture series this Thursday (April 8th), and the event will be hosted by Eric Isaacson from Mississippi Records. There are few things in this world better than a discussion with the Coles, or a hot meal, so we want to give you both by offering up a pair of tickets to this one-of-a-kind event.

To win your way into this show, just email us with the answer to this very easy trivia question:

Before playing in the Weeds and the Rats, Fred Cole began his career as a teenager performing solo, playing soul and rock n' roll. During this period promoters often billed him as "Deep Soul Cole," or the White ______.

All emails must be received by tomorrow at noon, and we will select the winner at random. If trivia isn't your thing, you can purchase one of the 75 spots right here. Good luck.