How many times have you partied way too hard while blastin' that Modern Lovers record!? Okay, now how many times have you taken the "I'll see him next time" route when Jonathan Richman came touring through town? It's definitely one of those weird things. You are faithful Richman fan, but the venue he played at was just kinda lame or maybe the tickets were five dollars too much. Stop being such a weenie and listen up: Jonathan Richman is playing at the Know on May 7th and 8th!

As we reported late last year, it seems Mr. Richman wandered into everybody's favorite NE Alberta boozin' joint while he was in town last fall and was so taken with the ambiance (I'm assuming) that he agreed to do two shows at the venue as part of his upcoming tour. If ever there was a time to stop procrastinating and get off your ass to go see the man, this is it!

Here are the details: Tickets will be going on sale at the Know exclusively on Friday, April 16th immediately following the Stockholm (the new band of Jose Medeles from the Breeders) show that night (around 11pm). Tickets are available for cash only (two tickets per person), and are a bargain at $10. Now is your chance, if you miss Richman this time around, you'll be more of an asshole than Pablo Picasso.