I can't lie and say I'm not vaguely creeped out by CocoRosie. This is possibly an understatement.


Also, this trailer for a song "Trinity's Crying" on their new record, Grey Oceans, does not help in the least.

However, I find it tough not to be intrigued by their freakiest of freak folk; La Maison De Mon Reve and Noah's Ark were mainstays before I had nosey roommates (Leave me alone, MOM), and I would not be at all disappointed if the sisters were booked to perform within my nightmares.

Tomorrow, as you know, is Record Store Day, and amongst a trove of limited-edition Sub Pop releases is a CocoRosie seven-inch containing the song "Lemonade" (which can be heard below) and a cover of the Beach Boys' song "Surfer Girl," (which I need to hear... now.)


CocoRosie- "Lemonade"

Grey Oceans is out on Sub Pop May 11th, and you can catch the girls (I think they're still girls, anyways) at the Wonder Ballroom on June 26th.