Why didn't I think of this? Well, probably because I'm not as wise as the folks at Centaur Guitar, who have come up with the world's first (?) musician vending machine. It's currently parked at Slabtown, and maybe someday in the future these will be backstage at every venue in town.

The missing pick. The broken stick. Batteries about to die. After 7pm where is a musician to go for last minute gig needs? Up until recently, the answer would have been a big, fat NOWHERE.

Today the answer is Slabtown.

The good folks at Centaur Guitar have installed a vending machine in Slabtown that specializes in musician needs. Located in the club entranceway, the Vendotron 2K10 Mk2 Superlead dispenses strings, sticks, capos, cables, batteries, slides, drum keys and more.

This got me thinking; what else should this machine stock in order to cater to the off-hour needs of most musicians? Unemployment checks? Tuba? A phone card to call your parents and ask for more money?