• Congrats to Izzy for winning yesterday's contest with this '90s appropriate collage. Look closely for Juggalos, hidden lyrics, and Gary Young.

It is here. Our final day of Pavement ticket giveaways and today we test your knowledge of the band with one kickass crossword puzzle. The clues cover the band's long history, plus—just as Malkmus would want it—there is one fantasy baseball question thrown in for good measure. The first person to finish this crossword and email us the answers, will win our final pair of tickets to their September 3rd show at Edgefield.

The puzzle is after the jump, good luck!

Yes, we stole this idea from someone's comments. No, they don't get tickets. Sorry.

**** STOP! It took exactly 30 minutes, but we have ourselves a winner. Congrats to Travis. Nice work on getting every answer, from Mark Ibold's day job, to Texas Rangers 1B prospect Justin Smoak.


You can either fill out the actual puzzle, scan it, and email it to us. Or you can just send in the answers via email. Your choice.

4 Wowee's percentage of a canyon
5 Softball team that Malkmus plays for
8 Minor league baseball team from band's hometown
10 Terror Twilight Producer
11 Great Cafe that employees Ibold
12 Number of states
14 Range Life Band
17 Vehicle that represents heaven
19 2008 & 2009 Record Store Day live album
21 Gary Young is a...
22 Summer Babe version

1 Hawaiian Color
2 Swedish Date
3 Range Life B-Side
6 Preston School
7 Horse racing fan
9 Texas Rangers 1B Prospect
13 Brighten the Corners single
15 Pavement's domestic label
16 Academy breakup show
18 Five minus four result
20 Brighten the Corners dream