GRAND OPENING: MARCH FOURTH MARCHING BAND, ADAM AND KRIS, CHRIS KOKESH, CELILO (Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta) New venue alert! And if you have any doubts that the opening night of this former movie house—which first opened in 1927, back when Alberta wasn't just that stretch of gentrification with more Thai restaurants than Bangkok—will be able to fill their seats, keep in mind this simple mathematical equation: MarchFourth Marching Band + Last Thursday = Insanity. Good lord, come early before the crowds hit capacity and you are stuck sitting behind someone on stilts wearing a top hat. EZRA ACE CARAEFF

VEKTOR, EXCRUCIATOR, MARY SHELLEY, SPELLCASTER (Plan B, 1305 SE 8th) The metal world needs bands like Vektor—if not to keep the thrash subgenre from getting too stale, then to inject a little intelligence and creativity into a genre of music that can pass as nonsense. Like Atheist before them, Vektor incorporate elements of jazz into their thrash; one could blame this on bassist Frank Chin, who credits Yes as an influence. And like Voivod before them, Vektor employs odd time signatures, bizarre song structure, and three-part bass and guitar harmonies that sound uncomfortable, yet work. With debut full-length Black Future, Vektor have successfully created a new metal subgenre: space metal. You could attribute that label to the vocals of David Disanto, who sounds like a lizard creature from some distant planet. ARIS WALES

...And a happy 32nd birthday to Ariel Marcus Rosenberg, aka Ariel Pink. The man and his Haunted Graffiti will be in town July 12th at the Doug Fir.

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