SUPERNATURE: NICE NICE, LEECH, E*ROCK, DJ COPY, DJ BJ (Rotture, 315 SE 3rd) PLAY NICE NICE—The 29th edition of the Supernature showcase is upon us, this time headlined by the diversely influenced Nice Nice—a little bit psych prog, a little bit noise, and a little bit of everything else. The duo's joined by Nudge's Brian Foote's little-seen solo project, Leech. MS

FLOATER, KLEVELAND (Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) It confuses me not that Floater is a well-liked band. In fact, they are extremely well liked. This hard rock trio (Robert Wynia, Peter Cornett, David Amador) clings to a parcel of land reserved only for the biggest local acts: the headlining slot onstage at the Crystal Ballroom. Their music—strung together over eight recordings that litter the landscape of Eugene and Portland record stores, yet are seldom spotted anywhere beyond—is primed for the FM airwaves, with mammoth pop hooks, solos that would make bro-dealing Guitar Center salesmen blush, and a hard rock sound synonymous with the Pacific Northwest. Correction: Make that the Pacific Northwest circa 1991. EAC

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DUM DUM GIRLS, CROCODILES, WAMPIRE (Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE 39th) Every so often, the Hawthorne Theatre prompts us to step over the vodka-in-a-water-bottle vomit and other trappings of teenage wasteland surrounding the entrance of the venue and come inside its doors. Sometimes it's for karaoke in the lounge (Rockstar Karaoke, to be exact), and sometimes it's for quality shows, such as this one featuring Los Angeles' Dum Dum Girls. This band pays homage to their gum-snapping girl group predecessors, while also conjuring a punk rock vibe (administered with just a small dose of lithium). They worked with Blondie and the Go-Gos' go-to man, Richard Gottehrer, to make 2010's I Will Be, a shimmery lens to the past and the future of lady pop. If you're lucky, you'll be able to channel their energy next time you find yourself at Rockstar Karaoke, trying to choose between "Heart of Glass" and "Our Lips Are Sealed." RAQUEL NASSER

Disemballerina, Shearing Pinx, The Upsidedown and Dramady all coming up after the jump!

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  • Photo courtesy of Disemballerina's Myspace


Disemballerina - "Thieves' Oil

DISEMBALLERINA, ORDER OF THE GASH (Mississippi Pizza, 3552 N Mississippi) You could say that Disemballerina play metal, but not with drum cracks and howling guitar stacks. Rather, they make moody, gothic instrumental suites consisting of the buzzing acoustic guitar of Ayla Holland and the droning cello and viola of Melissa Collins and Myles Donovan, respectively. Donovan also plucks a harp for certain songs, making their sound even further lost in time. Their debut CD could possibly fit in a liberally curated classical or folk bin, but the mood Disemballerina evokes—of roiling storm clouds, of thundering hooves and blood-strewn battlefields—is pure metal. They're embarking on a brief tour of California following tonight's early (6 pm) CD release show, where they'll bring a little Northwest gray to the Golden State. NED LANNAMANN

NU SENSAE, SHEARING PINX, THE CYSTS, BA FRACTAL (Ducketts Public House, 825 N Killingsworth) For as much of a bitch as it is to pass through international customs, Portland is extremely lucky to have both Shearing Pinx and Nu Sensae come through town as much as they do—this being the second Portland stop on their current US tour. These ambassadors of Vancouver, BC's fertile experimental DIY scene brave snooping border cops, borrowed gear, and kilometer-to-mile conversions to bring their unmistakably alien noise-punk to the States. Pray that they managed to smuggle a few records across with them, as Shearing Pinx's Weaponry is a gem every bit as combatant as the title would have you believe—a series of outlandish, incessantly stabbing art-punk attacks, all breathtakingly innovative and harsh as hell to boot. ETHAN JAYNE

THE UPSIDEDOWN, FEDERALE, HAWKEYE, E.B. HARRIS AND THE AFTERLIFE REVIVAL(Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th) Portland psych-rock outfit the Upsidedown have just re-released their 2008 album Human Destination on vinyl. The package, released on the Dandy Warhols' label Beat the World Records, features sumptuous artwork from Seattle artist Robert Hardgrave as well as another glimpse at the band's druggy, kaleidoscopic post-shoegaze, fronted by the gravel-deep vocals of Jsun Atoms. The band's lineup now boasts a second drummer in Jason "Plucky" Anchondo, who will bolster the band's heavy sound with even heavier thumping. Spaghetti westerners Federale are also on the bill, as is the classic paisley pop of Hawkeye, whose main man Matthew Strange writes tunes that sit perfectly between youthful innocence and not-so-youthful decadence. NL

DRAMADY, FROZEN CLOAK, THE BUGS (Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick) The way the kids these days make a habit of playing multiple instruments at once, you'd think we had some kind of musician shortage in this town. Or maybe it's motivation to get creative as the over-saturation of bands occurs. Either way, it's working for Dramady, whose members play a handful of instruments—Amanda Wiles covers the bass, sax, and clarinet, while Zac Stanley contributes drums, keyboards, and vocals—resulting in blissed-out art rock that ranges from spiraling down-tempo meditations ("Rah" from debut LP Better Forever) to smooth hand-clap party jams (excellent unreleased track "Black Swan"). MARANDA BISH