BLACK TUSK, ZOROASTER, DARK CASTLE, TENSPEED WARLOCK (Satyricon, 125 NW 6th) Zoroaster's new album Matador is a massive, psyched-out wall of Southern doom with volume knobs turned to 11 and reverb cranked to the limit. Matador also has Zoroaster changing their vocal stylings a bit, taking a few steps into heavily processing their voices along the way. The graveled delivery of Will Fiore and Brent Anderson is still there, but now their vocals create a hypnotizing drone over the music, making almost any song from Matador into a body-altering experience live. As a matter of fact, eat plenty of fiber and take a satisfying movement before attending this show, because all four bands on this bill have enough rumbling low end and volume to empty your bowels into your pants. AW

ANYA MARINA, EUX AUTRES (Doug Fir, 840 E. Burnside) Team Edward, or Team Anya?

BAD REPUTATION: XDS, ASTROLOGY, DJ NATE C (Tube, 18 NW 3rd) XDS drummer Shoko Horikowa is on hiatus. Check out the video above and imagine that you're watching new drummer Ben Tyler behind the skins.