• photo courtesy of The Big Busk

Just when you think it's safe to go back on the streets of Portland... The Big Busk returns on July 17. Year number two finds this annual event with a creepy new slogan ("Buskers Do It On The Streets") and much bigger aspirations.

Put some spare change in the guitar case of the press release:

The Big Busk is a new music festival for downtown Portland. Last year nineteen bands played for over seven hours in scattered spots around downtown. This year's Big Busk promises to be even better. The lineup expands almost daily with bands ranging from solo singer-songwriters on ukuleles to a nine-headed alt-folk leviathan.

The idea behind the event is, for an entire afternoon, to saturate downtown with music. All kinds of music. There is no main stage, but every corner is a stage. There is no one audience, but everyone is the audience. There is no admission fee, but we trust attendees tip generously.

So it's kind of an experiment. It's also kind of an art project and a tongue-in-cheek celebration of creative defiance. Good music for tough times.

Think you got what it takes to take it to the streets? Email them for more info.