Simon Joyner is a titan of American songwriting. I feel safe in saying that, even though I'm only familiar with a portion of his catalog (over 12 albums and counting). But he's one of the figureheads of the Omaha scene, tying together the threads between Leonard Cohen and Bright Eyes, and his music sounds like the century-old ghosts of the North American plains that wound their way down into delta blues, swept their way over into West Coast psychedelic whimsy, and even haunted the battered New York City boho folk scene through the tunes of Dylan. Joyner's latest, Out in the Snow, is out on Team Love, and he's playing in Portland tonight. We didn't write about it in the paper. That's because he's not playing a commercial venue, but rather someone's home.

It's part of Joyner's current tour, in which he aims to play art spaces and private homes rather than bars. Joyner says: "The house (or art space) show removes the elevated stage that separates the performer from the audience. It removes the distracting noise from the bar and provides an environment that allows the music to be the main focus." We won't tell you exactly where the show is, but it should be easy to figure out. Don't miss a chance to see him, especially in such an intimate venue.


Simon Joyner - "Out in the Snow"

w/Run on Sentence, Sam Locke Ward; 8 pm, $10